"When we have a better understanding of how nature unfolds, we can expand even when chaos and conflict are present."

Blessings are always bestowed upon us through Grace. They come in various ways. It's up to us how aware we are in any given moment and how we allow the blessings to penetrate our hearts to come alive.

Upeksha came as a blessing of all blessings to me in 2010 through my teacher, Ross Rayburn. He was teaching an immersion at that time in Korea. He had a theme called "step back" (Upeksha).  He explained "Upeksha means elevating oneself to a higher ground to see things with clarity". When I heard that, my eyes opened wide with joy. It was a moment of awakening!

When I realized why it is important to step back, I connected to the theme Upeksha wholeheartedly. I loved it so much that it became part of me, my guide in how to maintain a steady flow and celebrate life to its fullest.

Since that day, I have been practicing Upeksha. Through the practice I have been awakened in stages and there are many more experiences awaiting. I started to see the missing dots in the practice. When I started to connect those dots, the process began to expand my awareness and rearrange my consciousness.

Upeksha provides me the steady ground to root into and not get pulled by the polarities of discomforts and joys in life. Discomfort and joy are present in the practice to give us different experiences and different colourings of life.  Experiences are very tricky! Once we get a certain experience from the movement of life, the mind creates judgement. We say, ‘Oh, this is good’, ‘oh, this is bad’ and this is the starting point of moving away from the core of being. There is nothing wrong in this life. What is mistaken is our perception of how we understand things.

When we have a better understanding of how nature unfolds, we can expand even when chaos and conflict are present. It is good that we have these contrasting energies which are part of singularity and because of them, life is colourful and joyous.

The purpose of Upeksha yoga is to offer the universal wisdom on how to be in the middle. The unaffected state of consciousness or true being. To experience this is by remembering the primary principle which is, "step back and soften." See how things are placed in the practice and see their purpose.

When we pause and remember the highest intention, it fuels our hearts and that softens and enliven us simultaneously. We need these qualities. Softness is the element that connects us to the universe, the world, you and I. Limited knowledge starts to dissolve. To soften allows us to move into the deeper source of all.

When we pause and soften, it helps us to recognise how to act with wisdom to expand the level of awareness and rearrange the consciousness. When we participate with awareness, every step becomes an amazing ride. Every step becomes joyous in life and in practice!

Everyone needs a pause to reflect how the current movement of life is flowing and to understand how to maintain further clarity. It is in this way that I have sought to align with the deepest truth. I believe that others are seeking to experience the same. I know Upeksha serves me in so many ways and I believe Upeksha will serve others in the same way when one's heart is placed wholeheartedly in the practice.

In life when contraction starts to reveal on the surface of consciousness, try the primary principle of Upeksha yoga, "STEP BACK and SOFTEN”. See what happens.

Upeksha has been the bridge between me and my highest intention. I believe Upeksha will serve you in the same way to recognise your highest purpose as well.

May we all come to realise how to ride the beautiful waves of life.


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