About the Training

Upeksha means “To step back and see the bigger picture to gain clarity; create spaciousness to experience peace."

Zoom out and zoom in (Spanda)! Zoom out to have a broader perspective, then zoom in to connect our inner wisdom.

Upeksha Yoga is a bridge between you and your highest purpose.

Igniting the fire and awakening the intelligence within is the objective of this programme. Building confidence by having the necessary tools to become a good teacher.

With a strong focus on alignment, students will build on strong foundation and good knowledge to be confident in teaching classes for beginners to intermediate, and even one-on-one. 

Weaving in philosophy so that the intelligence awakened in the physical body is interconnected with the spirit. Practising and teaching with intention, bringing focus and vision. 

Venue: 25/F, Soundwill Plaza, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Immersion I: 27-31 July (Lawrence Pradhan)
Pranayama Immersion: 24-28 August (Ananda Leone & Lawrence Pradhan)
Immersion II: 21-25 September (Lawrence Pradhan)
Master Immersion: 11-15 October (Carlos Pomeda)
Therapeutic Immersion: 1-5 November (Ross Rayburn)
Immersion III: 6-10 December (Lawrence Pradhan)

To apply, please email: upekshayogahk@gmail.com