Recognition is Love

For weeks I have been contemplating on how to start this blog. I feel difficult to translate the experience into words. I'm reminding myself while I'm writing this blog that the process will unfold when I learn to stay in put and be part of it. The more I do it, the better I get in what I do. Refinement comes through mindful participation!

This month I choose this title - "Recognition is love”. This title came to me as a flash of wisdom to awaken and inspire me. When we learn to step back, unplug from the fluctuation and stay awake with softness, grace comes in to show us the path of love.

Recognition is love! Genuine recognition brings the tears of joy which cleanses us inside out. Wakefulness comes in when we pause and soften. Softness helps us to organize our heads and hearts, then synchronicity in body and mind take place. If we feel regret or limitation from contemplation, then recognition hasn't been taken place fully yet. Stay with softness consciously and the door will open naturally. 

Sometimes it takes time to recognize the deeper love. I was doing back and forth to find clarity, in Love. In the flux of life, the more I learn to relax consciously, the more I could rearrange my head and the more I could walk the path with clarity.

Recognition of love comes from the place of softness and stillness.

Softness and stillness guide us how to integrate in life. These two elements anchored me in my own well being. Moving from this state is love, and being in love. Openness to life happens naturally. We open ourselves to the mystery of life.

We do the practice to bring clarity, however after that the tendency is to flip back into limitation. This is what I caught myself doing. After being settled and spacious in the mind and heart, I was putting the energy back into the past thinking about how to undo the past or how I could have done it better. We can never undo the past. When a cup is broken, you can reattach it back together but it will never be the same. What we can do now is to be mindful to this given moment and participate in it consciously. 

The moment I connect to the past limited event, I was losing the connection to be part of the wakefulness. The more I indulge myself in the past, the more I lost contact with the moment of life. 

However, my further contemplation with softness showed me what I was doing and saved me. Recognition came in. Reminded myself past is past, I learned from it and continue to do what I resonate with and maintain openness to the further flow in life. This way I could open myself to the mystery of life rather than misery. This was a very subtle learning for me where I could recognize the inner current of life. This was simply my recognition of love for me.

We are all going through different flavors of experiences. Experience has to be there to recognize the deeper love and love is the innate calling of the heart. When the experience comes, to have a better perspective of the experience, we need to maintain a quiet mind. Though sometimes it is hard to maintain a quiet mind because of the intensity of our experience.  In the beginning its hard to soften and quiet down. It takes time and mindful effort.  What we need to do is to stay connected to the practice of softness and silence first, without even analyzing on how to come out of the limitation. Then, the more we maintain the practice of softening and quieting, the more we are sharper in the mind to clear the things that are not serving us to grow spiritually. 

Experience is an imprint. Imprint of past experience is always present in us. We can’t deny the imprint. Feeling of regret may arise. When it comes, we stay soft and settle first. Once we feel home in the body and mind, then we can look for the highest knowledge on how to make things better without feeling regret or mad to do the work. Aware participation is freedom. Awareness is love.

Life feels melodious when we pause to soften. These days, life is so busy and fast that we have forgotten to tap into the inner current of life and move from it. Life is losing it's soothing melody. Life flows graciously when we recognize the subtle wisdom that holds us together.

To recognize the inner current of life, we must step back from the continual effort and value our inner world. Valuing the world within and listening to ones' own heart can move us from the place of darkness to light. 

Freedom is not cheap. Freedom won’t take place in one day.  We are able to taste freedom by doing the work mindfully.  When the effort is present, we move from the place of doing to undoing. Life is about that, doing to recognize that we are love.  

Deeper love could be recognized through meditation. When we start to embrace the silence, we go through some fluctuations. Fluctuation is already a shift. When the shift is taking place we flip back to the past pattern. Why? Because the silence is so powerful and intense. It dominates the mind and mind doesn't like it.

Embracing the silence is not easy especially if the mind is used to the noise. It is difficult for the mind to be part of silence . Noise is entertaining and mind loves the colorful flavors coming in. However, to be part of the deeper reality of life, noise has to be cut down. Silence is necessary. Silence is the death of violence. End of violence is love. When we start to be part of the silence, love starts to grow in us and we eventually recognize that we are love.

Choosing right happens when we give ourselves space to soften. Softness is strength. Mindful softening provides graciousness to life where higher recognition takes place. Recognition is freedom and love. Like music, it only sounds good when pauses are presence between the notes. The pauses between the notes make the music melodious. Continuous notes are noises. Over effort is noise. Noise is irritation to the mind and body, where synchronicity disappears. 

Through the quiet practice, I have learned to embrace the silence. Silence gives chance to undo the pattern.  Silence nourishes us. The more I embrace quiet time and create space for myself, the more potent the flow of life has become for me. 

Recognition is love.
Love is freedom.
Freedom is You.
Recognize You! 
Pause, soften and be free.


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Reflection and the new beginning!

2017 has just begun…..There is a lot happening in my world and I believe some of you are experiencing the same. What we are experiencing is a message for us to create the better flow in life and practice. We all have been receiving the message from the beginning, to have a clear view in life. To get the essence of the message, we must learn to pause and reflect. Reflection puts us on the path of love when it is done with understanding. Life is about self love, the recognition of self love and self acceptance in universal sense. When the love is present within us, we naturally move out with the same love outwardly as well. This year I'm choosing consciously to be part of higher love.. 

Yoga has taught me a lot and one of the key elements I have learned from yoga is reflection, the meaning of reflection and how crucial the reflection is to maintain greater love towards ourselves and others. Life is about love and celebration of that love. To be part of that love we must have enough understanding. Understanding gives different height to the things that we are aligned with, hence the flow of life becomes meaningful. 

I'm consciously choosing to let go of some of the perceptions that I have held onto previously. We are always in motions in our lives and the motions change our perceptions because of different experiences over time. With the experiences we shift to align with the highest recognition, the beauty of life.

Letting go is a natural process in life. It is part of the practice and part of life. If we observe our surroundings mindfully, Nature is always teaching us. Letting go is a meaningful practice when it is done with understanding. However, sometimes your understanding might not resonate with others, and it is okay, if you are moving with the universal understanding then it's all good. 

Letting go comes from the place of appreciation, the deepest connection of the heart.

Letting go doesn't mean that we abandon things in one corner and forget about it and are not caring. Caring is letting go. Taking care of ourselves makes us choose right. Choosing right is part of letting go, it is letting go. All this takes place when softness is present in one self. Softness allows us to anchor in our own being and that make us hear our own heart. We will know what to welcome in life and what to discard in life, where life can be simple, joyous, celebratory.

Reflection is part of life. Reflection makes us connect to the deepest part of our hearts. Reflection is an opportunity to create a better root for ones' life and continue with the highest purpose in life. In the first place, we are here on planet earth in transition to celebrate life. It is our inherent calling of the heart. This calling is the universal flow reminding us every moment to moment to come home, back into our own heart and abide in it and move with it. 

We can abide in it by making conscious choices through mindful speech and mindful action. We are shaping our lives with our speech and action coming through us as expressions. Whether the expression is limited or unlimited, it is still an expression. To tap into the greater expression of life, we must choose consciously. Conscious choice is life. Life is consciousness, consciousness is life and we are consciousness.

Let us pause and soften and to be part of it. Let’s allow the softness to guide us to rearrange our heads and hearts. Let us move from this space to be part of the bigger picture, grandeur of life.

Spiritual practice is a vertical path, to move vertically we must let go of the baggage that has been dragging us. This is where the reflection comes in, to bring the spark in life where we can move with clarity. Vertical path is struggle. It is like swimming against the current. The struggles we are experiencing and recognizing are as important as respecting life itself, where grace invites herself to guide us home, where we become grace. Recognition is the start of the healthy practice.

Letting go is a tough practice and if we deny the natural process of life, then our lives start to stagnate.

Freedom requires effort. Freedom is worth trying for than doing nothing. In participating, we make the connection which becomes the inspiration to continue living. Little, little steps in life add to the bigger picture. Bigger picture is created with one stroke at a time.

Reflection is a chance to break the limited pattern, pattern that is not serving our hearts. To move vertically in life, it takes both physical and mental effort with awareness. To move towards effortlessness, to a certain extent, tremendous effort is required. When we stay in put with intention and effort, in time we set ourselves free where grace comes in naturally.

Reflection is an act of kindness to oneself and others. Reflection is openness of the heart, openness to life. 

“Anger puts us in the past. 
Softness puts us in the present. 
Choose wisely, and
Be free.”

Step back, soften, reflect and move with kindness and compassion to be part of yourself.

May we all come to recognize the highest with the practice of reflection and allow it to be the new beginning.

Om Namaha Shivaya.




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Ride with the Softness


Ride with the Softness

After years of practice and seeking to align with the highest, I can say that I have embraced the quality of softness.

It helped me anchor in my own being. It is the element that held me together in times of joy and sadness. It's easy to be aggressive and challenging to maintain the soft quality. However, when we remember the gentleness and participate in that state, the fruits of the actions reveal to us with great joy. Without the softness it's hard to make connection to ourselves and to the world around us.  When it is present in us, the noise in us graciously dissolves and we begin to hear our own heart. Softness is unity of the body, mind and heart.

Through the openness of my heart, I  have come across many amazing experiences, even the contracted ones are of value. All of the experiences have taught me well enough on how to participate in life and stay curious and open with a childlike wonder.

Life is an adventure. To be part of the adventure one must be grounded in one’s own being. Life is genuine and generous. To embody life and see it that way, one must stay open in the time of struggles.  It begins with embodying a soft nature. If you have a limited view of what life is, we cannot expand. We start by being open to the idea that life is worth exploring. It encompasses moments of joy and sorrow. This is how we can live life to the fullest.

Things happen in life because it is dynamic. Ups and downs are inevitable. When things unfold in a contracted way, we must remember to stay open to our selves and remember to maintain the softness in us. The contraction itself is the message for us to stay open and continue with clarity. It’s an opportunity for us to practice awareness.

Few months ago I really have had an intense experience. It felt like the sky has fallen on me and I could not breathe well. I felt the contraction in my heart and my guts. It was a sharp physical pain in me. I still remember the situation time and agin. Now, it simply softens and grounds me. I see the experience as a great reminder of that realization. Ma (the universal force) shows her love in various way to guide us. I had this intense experience because I was in the state that I needed to hear and learn from it. It has connected me deeply towards my inner self. I'm grateful to all the experiences that came into my life as guidance to fuel my heart with love and wonder. 
Jai MA!!!. 

For me, one of the key principles to be part of the greater flow of life is by remembering the softness and ride with the softness to part of the highest. Greater shift requires effort. When we are putting the effort, it's easy to invite aggression. When that happens our view of things is limited. The body starts to contract, so does the mind. We begin to act impulsively and no longer with clarity.


Awareness and aliveness is present when softness is remembered. 


I offer this practice to you. It's simple and profound. I have seen many shifts in my life through this practice and I hope it will serve you in same way. As a practitioner of life we must learn to stretch our minds with the knowledge that is given to us by our teachers and apply them in the practice.

May our exploration with the softness ground us in our own being and lead us to experience the shiva nature (beauty) in us.

Om Namah Shivaya!!!!



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Blessings are always bestowed onto us through Grace. Blessings come in various ways in life. It's only up to us how aware we are in any given moment and how we allow the blessings to penetrate our hearts to come alive... Read More

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