Consistency is aliveness, aliveness is life.

The theme for this blog is - Consistency, a good reminder for us to stay connected to what we do. One of the elements we miss in the practice is to stay consistent. Without consistency there is no experience in the practice. Intellectually knowing is not experience, knowing and doing the work is experience.



Consistency is an attitude.


An attitude of the body and mind. It is a mind set, to align with the nature’s way of life. It is an attitude to be part of the truth of the practice. 


Consistency comes in the practice when we are willing to walk on fire. Practice is fire. The walk happens when we know why we are part of practice. As a practitioner, we must first know why. The answer keeps our hearts and minds anchored and alive, to be on the path. All paths are full of obstacles. Most of the time the path is not easy. There are many challenges along the way, both internal and external.


However, when one is wholeheartedly connected with the practice, it does not matter how tough the practice is, the heart that is fueled with love will remember the light. Hence, we shall continue with the deepest intention in the heart. Intention is a key to be part of the beauty and love, the deeper reality. To be part of the deeper reality of the practice, one must have an unwavering and uncompromising attitude towards the practice. Attitude is the start, and then comes the knowledge - the understanding on how to be part of the flow in a healthy way. 


Consistency happens when knowledge is present. Knowledge is as important in the practice as the attitude and action. Without knowledge, the flow is restricted. There should be a balance between knowing and doing. Too much knowledge is confusion and insufficient knowledge is limitation. Accumulating too much knowledge is just another trap where we miss the part of doing the work. Knowledge that we need in the practice should come naturally and sequentially. When the practice is sequential, short cut and limitation fade away, so do ache and pain. This allows us to move with ease.



Consistency is balance.
It is the balance between pause and participation.



Pause to reflect, reinspire and reconnect. When the heart is fueled with enough understanding and clarity, we participate with awareness that brings out the best in us. At times, consistency is being taken in a wrong way, when it becomes over exertion, and too much effort does not work. Over exertion actually pushes us backward in the practice. The harder we push in the practice, the harder we bounce back. Consistency should be slow and steady without breaking the flow of focus.


There is a story of Buddha. When Buddha was trying to understand the deeper reality of life, he came across this saying: "When you tighten the strings of a musical instrument too hard, the strings break; when the strings are too loose, melody is hard to create”. When Buddha heard this message, he was awakened. Similarly, if we tighten ourselves with too much effort, we will break. Too little effort, it is hard to be part of the deeper flow. Hence, there should always be a balance approach in the practice.



Consistency doesn’t just mean doing the work.
It also means doing the work with one method and principle for a long period of time
before we invite the next principle.



This gives us time to fully understand the principle with a deeper insight on how life could be simple and abundant simultaneously. Moving out to be part of a different method is easy and we will only stay on the surface of the practice. Staying in one method is one of the hardest challenges. However, if we stay, we will move vertically in our lives and in practice. 


Even when we are consistent in the practice, sometimes some of the doors take a longer time to unlock. When we experience that, we stay focussed and patient. We keep doing our parts even in the times of limitation. In these periods, the mind tends to go after something else to get happiness and freedom. However, this should be the place where we ought to stay awake and connected to the practice.


Instead of aligning with the practice, many will choose to escape and jump from one practice to another practice. Once we start jumping we are swayed by the tease of life, we become the "Jack of all trades, and master of none”. Life is full of teases. Tease is just a temporary form of happiness and joy. In deeper sense, we are simply losing the practice. As practitioners, we must remember that in the process of unfolding, there are teases here and there. We acknowledge these teases as they are but stay connected to our practice with wholehearted devotion. This way we can understand the pattern of the practice and understanding the pattern is growth, strength and freedom.



When we are truly connected to the practice, it bestows blessings upon us. _______________________________________________________________________________


Our practice turns into our life philosophy, that is hidden in the practice. All the great inspirational books we read comes from authors' consistent exploration and work. In their books, they are expressing their experience and understanding of their practices. 


To be in the flow of the practice, we tend to surround ourselves with similar minded people. Working alone is really hard, though it is possible, it takes tremendous effort to stay consistent. If we do the work together, there will be support and guidance amongst ourselves to stay alive on the path of knowing. We will be walking the path of experience and knowing together. And it is beautiful.



Be consistent and allow the practice to unfold sequentially so that the path
is healthy for the body and mind.
Consistency is a way to sync the body and mind.


To move sequentially we must find the method that resonates with us, and do the work with uncompromising attitude and clarity. If the method cannot provide us with the progress, simplicity and ease in the flow, then we must reflect and understand what is the purpose of the practice. It is a reminder for us to stay sharp and consistent. When we know why, we are reconnected with our fundamental intention again and we are open to the journey again. When the flow of awareness is consistent, there is deeper understanding of the journey. The mystery and secret of the practice is unveiled. We would understand that the practice is just a sequential opening and experience within. 


All process starts with the effort of doing and then it leads us to undoing. Consistency is a way to experience that. Someone who is consistent in the practice eventually experiences simplicity. Simplicity is a way of life. Simplicity provides freedom, peace, love, happiness and joy. Someone who maintains simplicity has a deeper understanding in life than someone who is trying too hard. Advanced work is a grand play and grand play is created by the use of simple action and knowledge. Maintain simplicity and you are free. When you are free enough in the body and mind, consistency is possible. 

To be part of the greater love, choose a path wisely. Be consistent to your art and you will be showered wth the beauty and love.



All experiences are hidden within consistency,
just like all lives are hidden within Prana.



Relax and continue…

Consistency is experience.
Consistency is aliveness. 
Aliveness is life. 
Be Life!


May we remember to stay consistent and do the work with understanding and love to become Love.

Om Shakti.